What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, the most noticeable naturally-occurring cannabinoid component found in cannabis that contains up to 40% of the plant. Cannabidiol is “a cannabinoid without of psychoactive effect.” After THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is the most studied natural cannabinoid.

According to many researchers and scientists, CBD may be the most important cannabinoid ever discovered.

How is hemp different than marijuana?

There is about 80-100 different cannabinoids in marijuana and in industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp is grown for its fibres and seeds, and has almost nonexistence levels of THC and relatively higher levels of CBD. “Marijuana” is grown for high levels of THC, which is concentrated mostly in the flowers and trichomes of the plant.

Hemp has been grown worldwide for thousands of years for industrial and medical purposes, making useful items like rope, clothing, sails, paper, animal foods and thousands of other products.

Powered By Nature CBD is extracted from imported Industrialized Hemp Plants.

Is your CBD oil synthetic made?

No. Our CBD oil is a natural product of industrial hemp from the whole of Europe.

Will CBD help me with my illness?

We cannot make claims about whether or not CBD can help with specific diseases. We do, however, suggest that you do your own research.

Will CBD help me if I’m healthy?

We cannot make medical claims about the benefits of our products.

The products sold from this website are considered nutritional supplements.

We encourage you to make your own on research about CBD. There are also many independent studies about CBD available on the internet.

Are CBD and THC the same thing?

No, they are different compounds.

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, but THC is the cannabinoid that gets you “high” or “stoned.” CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you “high.”

Can I get high from CBD products?

No. The percentage of THC in our CBD oil is very low so you won’t get high at all. (less than 0.2%)

Can you make any claims about what CBD can do for me?

No. Our CBD hemp oil products can fall into different categories depending on how they are marketed and sold: they can be considered a food or a nutritional supplement.

Our CBD is a natural constituent of industrial hemp oil.

Do you lab test you products?

Yes, our products will be tested regularly with HPLC tests.

We also test it to make sure that there are NO chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals or mould in our products.

There will be a batch number printed on each product.

What dosage do I need for my disease?

We are not allowed to say what dosage of CBD has benefits and encourage you to do your own research.

We will recommend this site for info about your disease: http://medicalmarijuana.com/treatments-with-medical-marijuana-cannabis