Powered by Nature founded in May 2018, is now, since reaching the forefront of this industry revolutionising the use of CBD through manufacturing a large range of liquid and nutritional products promoting well being. Our firm belief is that the marijuana derivative products that we are bringing to the market will be beneficial to everybody’s health. The Company prides themselves on manufacturing CBD products that are easy to use and taste good including oils, vape juices and nutritional products.


Our main goals are to promote health and encourage you to take care of yourself and your loved ones, in the most natural possible way and hope that our products will be found in every home in Europe.

We believe that true health is in prevention, and that CBD oil is one of the best supplements to help keep you strong and healthy using 100% culled hemp seed supplements designed by nature to protect your health and our CBD oil is the next generation in cannabinoid nutritional supplements, blending the benefits of germinated hemp, seed oil, vitamin D3 and Phyto cannabinoids.

We are focussed on offering the finest quality CBD oil in Europe

Our CBD products are safe, natural and our main goal is to keep offering the highest possible quality products at affordable prices.


Prevention is better than cure.

We incorporate our oils and products into your day to day living therefore being beneficial to your overall wellbeing. Powered by Nature’s philosophy is that a natural, plant-based approach to self-care is always preferable to a manufactured, pharmaceutical one, unless absolutely medically necessary.

CBD is one of the most exciting compounds currently available for therapeutic use, thanks to exciting research about its effect on a wide variety of symptoms and ailments and the fact that it is abundantly available from the robust hemp plant. They are manufactured to the highest standard, are easy to use and are a safe and powerful natural method for both treatment and prevention of numerous ailments.


To enable you to have quality of life.

With our customers quality of life in mind, Powered by Nature make it our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle through our oils and quality consumable products thus enhancing and prolonging the quality of life.

Powered by Nature cares and strives to positively impact every aspect of your day to day living, with our advancement of the science of cannabinoid medicine, sourcing and treating the root cause of your health issues with Powered by Nature’s 100% natural cannabinoid products.